Thursday, October 14, 2010


love that little man!

I guess I just need to let out some feelings, or I might be up all night thinking.  Lincoln had his cardiologist appointment today.  He is doing so good, I often forget he has problems.  His heart looked as good as it could look, and even better.  He has so much zest and energy, yes he breaths harder than most kids and gets a touch blue but that doesn't stop him at all.  He is three and a half, time has flown by!  When three came and the doctor said no need to rush the next stage of the surgery (you see most kids get the surgery around three or before) because Lincoln is small for his size, and he is doing so well.  I was so happy we had a little longer till we had to think about putting him though that again, it's been such a nice break, and you begin to believe it will never come around.  But today the talk became more serious, he's nearing that 30 pound mark.  The Doctor is thinking spring, and suddenly spring seems to close.  I start thinking in my head surly we could make it till he's five.  I just have a hard time believing anything could hold my little Lincoln back, he special, he could make it till five.  I know that's     probably unrealistic, but he turns four in March and that comes way too soon!  I know it will be fine, I have always been strong and felt the strength and blessing from the Lord, but he's going to know this time.  He's not a baby anymore!  He's going to remember the pain, he going to be able to look at me with his big huge eye's and tell me how he feels, and ask, why he hurts and, why did he have to do this.  I know it's necessary, but I guess I just needed a good cry and to get my feelings out so I can be strong again, and go through what need to happen.  I am so blessed, and I am thankful for my little man, he is strong. OK, time to buck up, that's a hole six months away, no need to start worrying about it now. Maybe I should through some fun pics in to cheer up this drap little post.
Dagan and Rayney dressed up for school event
Skotlynd turns 2

My kids just the way they are!
She's is such a doll, so beautiful!
too much cutness!
So, I can't help it, I make beautiful girls!
Dagan, your crazy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Is it time to update?

Well to start off, we moved into a new home, it was a major project and of course is not even close to being done.  But we love it!! It was built in the 1940's and has all the character that comes with that period style home.  Of course I came in and went bold because that is who I am, I love bold color!  We love our new ward, and our neighbors.  We couldn't feel more blessed or good about where we are.

Dustin is working and going to school, we had to put off school for a couple semesters to buy and work on our house, but he is signed up for the summer and starts on Tuesday.  He is almost ready to apply to a  Nursing program, most likely in March.  He has been mowing lawns filling in where he can at All Things and working hard to get our house into shape.  He was just called to be in the Elders corm presidency and he is nervous about that.  I know he will do a great job though, and it will be good for him.  Did I mention that we have been married for 10 years now?  How amazing is that?  Time flies too fast, I sure am glad he is mine!!

I have not been up to any knew endeavours.  I run everyone around, we are down to one car right know, makes life a little more hectic. I clean the gym for advanced gymnastics, still do my vinyl, and take care of my babies.  I have the best calling in the world, I teach the 11 years old that have already turned 12, so then I get to go to relief society after, how cool is that?  Yah, I am loving it!!

Dagan and Rayney are out of school for the summer.  I am so happy, I love summer break and having them home all day.  Dagan, Rayney and Corban have been doing gymnastic, they are loving it.  The boys are more for recreation and Rayney did level 3 team this last year.  They are all getting so strong.  They are such good kids, I love that they are getting older and can help me out so much.  They are getting more responsible and I see them growing and changing all the time.  Oh, Dagan turned 8, did I blog about that?  He was baptized, I an hardly believe he is that old!  Rayney is seven, and Corban is 5 and, drum roll, finally 30 pounds.

 Lincoln and Skotlynd are both energetic and keep me on my toes.  Lincoln is just hilarious, he is 3 now and loves to pretend.  Anything from cowboys, pirates, magician, you name he is it.  We just had his Cardiology appointment and sometime having small kids has it's advantages.  Because he is so small they are going to hold off on his next surgery until next summer, unless things start to go down hill.  he is doing so well though, I don't think we should have any issues.  Skotlynd is really starting to talk and her personality is coming out, she will be two in a week. Can you believe it?  I have will have a two year old and I am not even pregnant.  She is potty trained and I cant tell you how good it feels to have no kids in diapers.  I am loving it!!

Well goodness, maybe if I kept up with my blog I could write about all the little fun things that happen or the cute things they do, but as it is you just get a broad overview of our life.  Well I better get back to my kids, later!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Hairstyles

Ok so I am a little scissor happy and love to change my hair.  The fact that I cut my own hair does not help the situation any, because then I have nothing to hold me back.  Everyone that has ever been around me long enough knows that I love to change my hair.  Well this last progression happened within about a month or two.

This got boring fast!

Cute and Fun but I couldn't stop myself!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I tried very hard to avoid Halloween this year, I was a halloween grinch.  But my sister wouldn't let that happen and made me put some costumes together, so as a last moment brainstorm this is what I came up with.

Monday, November 2, 2009

yes I cried!!

Corban took it upon himself to cut his hair, I was never going to cut off his curls.  Ok, that's a bit dramatic, but I wasn't ready to cut them off yet. It was not salvageable so I had to cut it off.  As much as I hate to admit it, it did turn out cute.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She was born with a Talent!

My little Lady Rayney was born with one of the best talents, I wish it was a talent I was blessed with. She has a way of making people feel good. She has had this talent since birth, everyone would say how much they loved Rayney because Rayney loved them, and this started when she was days old. She has always loved people, she is happy and would go to anyone. She loves to share and she naturally gives complements, without even thinking about it.

One of Rayney friends, Oceanna, adores Rayney's curly hair, and is always asking her mom if she could have curly hair like Rayney's. So yesterday I decided to straighten Rayney's hair for school, she didn't ask me to, or even give much notice that I did. I sent her off to school! After school at gymnastics Oceanna's mom was so pleased to tell me her daughters excited and happy story. Oceanna, seeing that Rayney had straight hair, went up to her and said, "Rayney, why isn't your hair curly?" and Rayney replied, "because I wanted to look like you!" Oceanna was so happy she said to her mom "wasn't that so nice of her, I do have pretty hair huh!" I am so glad that Rayney could make her friend feel so happy, and in the process make her realize that her hair even though it's not curly is very pretty. I told Rayney later how happy that made Oceanna and she smiled and said, "really?" I could tell how good it made her feel to know she made her friend happy.

Anyways, I could learn a lot from that girl, I sure do love her!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kids Back in School

The kids started school Sept. 8th. They are going to a new charter school, called Nampa classical Academy, so they get to ware uniforms. I have to say I love it!! It is so easy to get them dressed in the morning, they only have a very select choice and it's all ready. They look pretty cute in them also. I am excited about this school and the classical method of learning, and the values they are learning. They have completely enjoyed their first week, although I have missed them while they are gone. These are a couple of the options they have for school clothes, aren't they cute?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Latest Cagle News!

No it's not a baby!

We just found out that Dustin has Skin Cancer! UM, not that big of a deal, I think we caught it early enough to not be too serious, at least we hope. He just has to have it removed layer by layer until it's gone. The bummer deal is that we had to cancel our heath care because it was so high due to Lincoln heart defect, that's how it goes right? Well, I guess we just have to have faith that it will all work out. It always does!! So his procedure is on my birthday, "yippy". POOR GUY!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WOW has it been a year!

my kids lazing out on my bed
SkotLynd stuffing her Little angel face.

Sun Pinata, I think I will retire from the pinata making business now!
Dagan's crazy teeth he has earned a lot of money from the tooth fairy this year.

Corban in all his cuteness
Lincoln, such big eyes! He is my comedian!
um can you say about the funkiest hair I have ever seen on a baby! Just a big pile of curls on top.

Rayney is her Dance costume, they danced to Cruella Devil!

So a year has flown by! How did that happen? Life gets so busy. First I just wanted to say happy birthday to my most wonderful husband. I can't believe he is 33 years old, he was 23 when we got married and we used to sing "no body likes you when your twenty three". Has ten years really flown by so fast?

So highlights from the last year I haven't posted. I missed all of my kids birthdays, Dagan turned 7, Rayney turned 6, Corban turned 4, Lincoln turned 2 and SkotLynd turned 1. I wish I had pictures for them all but Dustin's computer died and luckily we saved them to an external hard drive, but I haven't gotten them off of it yet.

Ok, so we start School on the 8th, yes late in the year. My kids are going to a new charter school that is opening this year. Nampa Classical Academy, we are excited. Dagan will be in the second grade and Rayney in the first. Rayney did dance last year, she had a lot of fun, but she has found her true passion in gymnastics. All the kids have had fun in Gymnastics, but she loves it.

I think Dagan has lost most of his teeth, we wonder how he eats anything. Corban is my cute little man that never stops talking, I think he has grown a little, but he will be five in December and still weighs 28 pounds. Will he ever break the 20's? I think he's a Dwarf!!!

Lincoln is 100% potty trained, I like to potty train young and I was worried that he would be later because of his problems but he potty trained easily before he turned two, yeah. He took a lot longer to start talking than the other kids but once he decided he could talk he just said it all. SkotLynd is walking everywhere and she is saying her first real words. She says gradmom, papa, love you, Apple, well quite a few words it's cute.

Dustin is going back to school to become a nurse. So we are back in full collage mode. We are looking for a new home, and have an accepted offer, hopefully nothing falls through. It's an older home with lots of character, it has five bedrooms and is right down from a park. It is only 67,000 so our payments would be wonderful, it would be a perfect house for us!

I have been busy with Vinyl, working at the store, advertising committee leader for the PFA, and cleaning at the gym to help pay for the kids gymnastics. How does life get so busy? I will try to be better at posting!